WELCOME TO THE cool tech

Almasria for engineering and trade (cool tech) Established in 2006. The company had a big experience in refrigeration industry.

The company could in a very short time to grow to be one of the largest companies which importing equipments and cooling stations.


   Cool tech consider one of the leading companies in the field of refrigeration industry in Egypt, because of importing various cooling and freezing equipments to include all of the cooling equipments such as water  coolers (chillers) , Refrigeration Compressors (ammonia and Freon air condenser , water condenser , evaporators , cooling towers ,evaporative condenser and electric motors .Cool tech is authorized distributer for Danfoss which is one of the largest spare parts companies, and else importing Italian new buffer panelThe Egyptian company for engineering and trade (cool tech) is committed to provide the customer the best solutions with accurate technical study to the ammonia, Freon projects and fixtures.Cool Tech dealing with more than 500 companies from leading industrial companies not only in Egypt but in the entire Middle East.

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